Want more sales and profit from your list?

What if you could do it with no risk and virtually for FREE?

Now you can!

How? I am willing to risk my time and effort while you get to leverage both. If you don’t make any money, I don’t get paid. 

I am that confident about my talent and expertise that I am going to assume all of the risk. 

I help online business owners increase their profits at little cost using email marketing and storytelling.

So How Can I Help You? 

You are in the right place if: 

You are in the right place if you: 

  • have an email list and want to make more sales from it
  • have no have no idea how to make more revenue from it
  • have a group of buyers but don’t know what else to do with them
  • Have a proven, converting, high ticket offer that you want to sell more of
  • are worried that if you email more often they will unsubscribe
  • are not sure what to send to your subscribers
  • have hired an email copywriter before and were disappointed by their missed deadlines, poor communication, and writing that was not in your voice

Great emails do more than simply ring the cash register. They help you develop your positioning and build your brand. They allow you to interact with your prospects on a deeper level (at scale) than any other medium. 

And best of all? 

You’re also able to generate sales while doing all of those. 

It is a mix of positioning, storytelling, and branding that creates new loyal customers. It provides them clarity that your product/service is one of the few that they want to give their hard earned dollars to because you are the best option for them. 

And since you’re busy managing your impossibly jam packed schedule with strategy calls, fulfillment, managing your team, and trying to scale your offers, you need a way to increase revenue without being yet another time suck that keeps you away from your friends and family.

So Who Am I? 

I’ve been making money using email for almost a decade. After I finished my college career (I was a baseball player), I ended up spending the next few years working as a sports agent and completing my law degree. Later I went on to obtain my financial licenses and help families plan and invest for retirement.

But I wasn’t fulfilled. In both jobs I was traveling all the time. I was not seeing my family, my friends, and I lost multiple significant others due to my hectic work schedule leaving us so little time to connect.

There had to be a better way. A way where I would have more control over my time and my life.

So I went onto Google and searched for how I could make money online and not have to be away from home all the time to make a living.

I started out, like many of us do, making that income from affiliate marketing programs. That was where I made my first dollar without even realizing what I was really doing. I was just telling stories and sharing my affiliate links to warmed up prospects. 

This was back during the time when everyone was all about coming up with a 30 day autoresponder to automate, automate, automate and did nothing afterward besides send out no-value, pitch emails once in a while with their affiliate link. 

No plans, no anything. 

Everyone just wanted an easy way to set it and forget and not worry about the long term and generating continuous, life-long customers. The plan was to set up the funnel and run traffic through it and then brag about the size of your list that you rarely sent any non-automated emails to. It was a wildly inefficient use of their traffic budget.

They were basically setting their money on fire. 

They were spending all this money on leads and then giving up on them after a few weeks of generic pre-written emails. Not realizing that the real gold was in the followup, months down the road and leaving thousands of dollars per month on the table (and in the case of some of the marketers with bigger followings it was tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars).

And the cycle repeated itself. 

Eventually my name got around at one of the companies I promoted for. And one of the up and coming top earners took an interest in me after seeing my name show up along with the other typical top names. The types of people everyone in the industry already knew. He wanted to know how I was achieving these results despite not having the huge following that many of the top earning affiliates had.

When I showed Mark Hoverson (the owner of the company, a large travel company) what I was doing he said it was a “gamechanger.” He immediately asked me to teach it to his team of distributors. His company would go on to do over 8 figures annually before he got sick and eventually he died. I was crushed and had to take some time off, losing a friend and mentor like that forced me to step back and reassess what I was doing.

Inspired by Mark I worked on a few passion projects, helping athletes  achieve peak performance and then running three virtual summits in the baseball niche. But what I noticed was that the summits themselves were not what I enjoyed most. What I enjoyed most was still writing the emails. coming up with fun, witty emails that made people who had never heard of me before buying my offers within a week of joining my list. When I asked my own coaches and mentors about my numbers, I realized that my buy rates were double the industry standard for courses/launches.

I even had some of my summit guests asking me about my email system and I started to help them with a few projects and realized that this was where I could make the biggest impact. Helping other internet business owners with their email marketing efforts to create more clients. And I’ve seen many brands with great products or services that do not have an email strategy in place and it is costing them multiple five figures in revenue.

Since working with those online companies, I’ve written for internet businesses in multiple niches: Biz Opp, Dating, Sports ecommerce, Golf, Baseball, SaaS, Crypto, Fashion, even Michael Michalowicz’s Profit First professionals. 

I’ve also been published on Elite Daily, Good Men Project, the Social Man, and Addicted2Success. 

But no matter the niche, the story is the same as I mentioned above. Most online entrepreneurs are so worried about generating new leads, that they don’t realize the power of their current audience. Or, how most of your leads will not buy from you in the first day, week, or even month. But if you have the right email system in place, and follow my 3SA formula, you will generate more sales from your current audience, allowing you to continue to reinvest in building your list and starting the cycle all over again. 

And I’m here to help you do just that.

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