Win-back Re-Launch Campaign

Janet: Female Dating Style Coach

Janet was a corporate style consultant until Covid hit, and she had to pivot into something new: dating style coach.

She came to me looking for help to essentially do something rather unique: create a win-back campaign for a new business.

Janet wasn’t happy with her open rates already (they were at 12-16% regularly). She came to me looking to make this move and improve her relationship with her subscribers and profitability using email.

I worked with her, showing her how we could accomplish both in one sequence.

  • A story-based explanation email for why she pivoted (she threw her clothes at me email)
  • An email that explains why she was making the offer (2020 was a rough year email)
  • An email about a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie (her list was heavily female)
  • An email referencing a famous scene from the movie Hitch discussing how you have one chance to get that person to swipe on your profile

The results?

Consistent open rates over 40%

Multiple new sales on her special coaching offer

Here’s one testimonial she posted in a mutual FB group:

Welcome Sequence

Rocky – Profit First Financial Coach

Rocky is a Michael Michalowicz certified Profit First financial coach. He came to me to help create an opt-in sequence as he was not capturing all the leads from his podcast. His entire system involved encouraging someone to book an appointment at the end of each podcast.

So we took stories from him, and his clients from his podcast and set them up in a simple manner to get people to either sign up for consulting or to buy the do it yourself course. These emails included:

  • How Rocky got started as a PF coach and the common tax/cash issue business owners face
  • How losing weight and getting into the best shape of his life was similar to how business owners need to treat their cash accounts
  • How a baseball team uses profit first to become more profitable than MLB teams

Using this sequence Rocky’s business had his best year yet, is fully booked out, and he now has the opportunity to re-shoot his course for updates and improvements that he wanted to make for years.

See one testimonial from Rocky:

Justus – Internet Marketer

Justus was a struggling internet marketer, trying to sell his travel product that he was an affiliate for.

So we created a welcome sequence for him to sell his offer for him. We used:

  • an introductory email telling his story and how he came into this industry
  • an email referencing a famous term/book in his industry
  • an email about his music background and friendship with a country music artist

With this sequence in place, Justus became a top earner in his company, hit a personal best at a 22k month, and was able to spend his entire summer volunteering in Hawaii while running his business in just minutes per day.

Here’s a few photo of him during that summer:

Welcome Sequence & Affiliate Offers

BryanInternet Marketer

Bryan is one of the top internet marketers int he world, one of the very best at Facebook ads. And he used them to build a a big business for both him, and his teammates in various companies in the Business Opportunity niche.

But Bryan dreamed bigger….

When a new opportunity with some of his old teammates presented itself, Bryan jumped at it. But he needed some help. Bryan’s ads ran to drive traffic onto his list, but he needed help setting up a new welcome campaign to set up their sales funnel/webinar launch.

Some of the emails we used to set up the funnel:

  • the difference between how Warren Buffet invests and this business opportunity
  • the story of how a guy’s wife left him over being unsuccessful
  • the story of how a mentor was stuck at work with his wife’s car broken down on the side of the road
  • the death of Kobe Bryant and the lessons behind him and his success (he’s a huge Lakers fan)

The results were him becoming one of the top earners in the entire company.